As a Reminder…”Gratitude”. Far too often we take too many things for granted in our minds. Training the mind is constant work and one of the ways to quickly catch yourself in moments of cynicism or feeling of lack, or Not Enough (another huge topic) is to quickly find Gratitude in your life. I know it’s easy to say, but practice takes place in the mind.

My main content is Financial and Real Estate consulting, but I do not believe I would be anywhere close to where I am at today if I did not practice the Mindset of Gratitude in my life. So often we can get caught up with these thoughts of what we think is missing in life, or what we feel we are not doing, but training your mind to find the Beauty and the Gratitude in life changes your perspective.

When we decide to CHOOSE our thoughts and focus on the Beauty of what we have in our lives and be Grateful for it, this is when life changes for you. You see, everything in life is a Choice whether you believe it or not. Whatever you choose to focus on expands…”Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows”…and when we focus our thoughts what we find to be Beautiful in our lives, that grows and allows more of the same to Flow In.

My mind is not perfect just like everyone else’s, and some of these feelings were floundering around in my head this morning…I moved my body, went for a run and put my focus on finding what was Great in my life…I changed my focus and first thing I find as I came back is a picture of my daughter and I in the mountains – Gratitude for the Beauty in my life.

Focus on finding this in your life and practice it on a daily basis. You will find that things change in your life when you have found a focus on Gratitude.

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