How are you Using Your Life?
How are you Using Your Life?

How are you Using Your Life?

…Or is someone else Using yours? I found myself writing both of these questions down this morning to ask my readers. I ask these questions because I want to encourage you to understand your living experience.

This topic is not for everyone and is difficult to comprehend and apply in life, because when doing so, it requires a complete Mindset shift, a complete change in your thinking process.

In the last year, I found myself and my life in the second part of the question, someone else was using my life. I was tired of it and needed to change, but in this process I had to change myself.

Many people out there in the world want that constant feeling of safety and security, and in all honesty, it can be a good place for a lot of people, but for many, they want and NEED Change. To get to the other side, to arrive at the first question, “How are you using your life?”, you have to go to a new place in your own Mind, you have to BECOME someone different. To get to this space, where you feel like you are living life on your terms and working on what YOU want to work on to grow, you have to go through removing the feeling of safety and security and relinquishing the feeling of Fear that controls so many of us.

This is where it all starts, with changing Who you are and the thoughts that control your life. I challenge you to do this, if you want a drastic change in your life and you want to Use your life for YOU, understand where your thoughts are and what you can do to change them, and ultimately Change your entire Life.

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