Proximity is Power
Proximity is Power

Proximity is Power

Who are the 5 people you surround yourself with the most and spend the most time with?

Think about this question and really reflect upon it. Who you spend your time with really matters. It matters because all of those interactions involve beliefs, feelings, emotions and communication. If you’ve never reflected on this topic, this is your opportunity to do so because the proximity of who you spend time with can literally shape who you are, who you become as a person and what your beliefs are.

What if I told you that from the 5 people you spend the most time with, you share the your best ideas, habits, beliefs, actions and even the amount of money in your bank account. All of these things will mimic those 5 people…even the amount of money in your bank account. I had to put that in there twice because this will help you compound what you hear other people say about their money and what they do with it.

So here’s the big question…who are the 5 people you are putting yourself in proximity with the MOST? Make sure it’s the right people that will lift you up and help you go in the direction you really want to go, because they are shaping and changing you no matter what.

Here are some ACTION Steps:

1.) Put a list together of your closest allies, friends & partners that you have in life

2.) Are they positive or negative people?

3.) What do they say to you, about you or about themselves?

4.) Really reflect on if it’s time to change your Proximity to new ones or really double down on the ones you have?

Surround yourself with the best and those that push you to do more and become more and you will find yourself creating a new version of yourself.

You are a ROCKSTAR and you deserve to be living your BEST LIFE!

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